Something a bit lighter

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Clues Across:

1. English caviar leads to greed (7).  5. Annoyance (5).  8. Quack, quack (Bingo?) (6-3).

 9. Don’t forbid (3).  10. Horizontal wooden brace (5). 

12. Person employed to keep highway in order (7).  13. Further afield (13). 

15. Not moving and without Ray (7). 17. Croatian resort (5).

19. Imitates primate (3). 20. Reverses previous decision (9).  22. Lunar influenced rise and fall (5).

23. Man owes people money (7).

Clues Down:

1.Bill followed by man for artistic endeavour (5).  2. First in action come evening. Flyer? (3).

3. Number without parts (7). 4. Go into Highland town with males for beverage (13).

 5. Permanent memory surrounded by vehicle assistance organisation (5).

6. Extractor of currency guarantee element (4,5).

7. Linear-T for means of identification (7).  11. How north feels towards south (9).

13. Again Stanton scores in little time (7).  14. Put dime in for contribution to overall process (7).

16. Golfing essentials (5).  18 Lawyer’s workload taken on trip (5).

Solutions - see James Clerk Maxwell article in Science section.

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In LIGHT BULB we are introducing some light-hearted items (as the crossword above). Here we have Object of the Month which will be a regular addition. Now time for a change! Here is Object of the Month # 4