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Alison Smith, from Livingston, West Lothian, is passionate about reducing our consumption of plastic and, as a result, runs a business that allows consumers to simply re-fill many household products instead of buying yet more plastic bottles once products have run out. Alison talks about her business model below.

What is the main goal of Green with Envi?

Our main goal at Green with Envi is to help reduce single use plastic being produced. We have carefully sourced suppliers who are also passionate about reducing waste. All liquids that are supplied to us are then returned when empty to our supplier, cleaned, refilled and sent back to us, 

i.e. zero waste filling up on your household products

Tell us about your suppliers?

Not only have we sourced suppliers who are passionate about reducing waste they are also based in the UK. Our refill supplier is completely Vegan too. Our current products range includes: home cleaning (e.g. kitchen and bathroom cleaners); laundry (e.g. liquids and fabric conditioners); personal (e.g. soap and shampoo).

So, how does it work?

Simply bring along your empty bottles and refill them at the shop or we offer home delivery in West Lothian. We also have a subscription service where you receive your order once a month in glass bottles - just leave your empty bottles out for collection when your delivery is due – see

Is it expensive?

No, our prices are comparable with other eco-friendly products.

Any local products?

We stock coffee and soap made locally in West Lothian.

Why did you start the refillery?

I started trying to reduce my single use plastic and found it very difficult to do. I hope having a local refillery will help others on their journey to reduce single use plastic. (For more info see back page).

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