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Alice Salvador, être crânes 

Dear readers of Bulb Magazine, 

I am Matis Leggiadro and I was fortunate to be interviewed by Cathy Bell in the previous edition of the magazine. It is with great pleasure that I announce today the opening on October 9, and until November 7, of the exhibition "Alice Salvador, être crânes" of which I am the curator. This exhibition takes place at the La Cheminée gallery in Albi, in the South-West of France. La Cheminée is an old industry of hats of the nineteenth century. The interest of relaying this information in Scotland is to create a link between the different cultural events imagined around the world for the same thing: the flourishing of Humans in a world in perpetual change. 

Even though Brexit suddenly propelled the United Kingdom out of Europe, I know how free Scotland was, remains free and will remain free of its choices. So let’s share our ideas and cultivate our common interests for art! 


"Drawing on philosophical, cultural, artistic and historical references, the artist skillfully masters the tradition of Vanity, which she highlights in portraits and self-portraits. Her frightened face and hilarious skulls are superimposed and combine between the drama of the living and the laughter of the dead. The exhibition is conceived as evolutionary. During the opening, in a performance, the artist will activate her works. They will then undergo a long process of alteration. To be observed throughout the exhibition... The artist also proposes the visit of her cabinet of curiosities, metaphor of the cranial box, where cohabit animal skulls and sacred relics. Exhibition curator Matis Leggiadro puts Alice Salvador’s work in the context of the history of vanitas in art." 

I would like to acknowledge the joint work carried out with Sylviane Guérin and André-Pierre Olivier, the gallery owners of La Cheminée, who were formidable and with whom a real artistic and human adventure began.




  Images: Top - Alice Salvador Exhibition Poster;

Middle - Double Portrait Matis Leggiadro; Bottom - Auto-portrait Alice Salvador

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