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(Boots and Sheena are in Kinsman Antiques talking to McKinley and Kirsty, McKinley is showing off talking about archaeology. McKinley is claiming that his ancestry is connected to the Knights of the Round Table).


McKinley – Archaeology – ah yes, fascinating subject. It’s a previously little known fact that King Arthur brought his round table to Scotland you know? Stenhousmuir to be exact.

Boots – Away ye go!

McKinley – I’m telling you – it was on the Scottish news the other night. Of course, with my contacts in the world (pronounced wurld) of archaeology, I knew about it ages ago.

Boots – Well Ah think it’s a load of nonsense mysel’.

McKinley – That’s as maybe but they’ve excavated the remains of a round table in a back garden in Stenhousmuir, you can’t argue with the noble science of archaeology can you?

Boots – Ah think A’ll reserve judgement on the Scottish branch of the roond table – Ah mean why wid King Arthur want tae bring his entourage a’ the way up here tae the frozen north when he had a good thing goin’ where he wis? Ah mean whit a choice – Camelot or Stenhousmuir!!

(McKinley is not listening as he is away on one of his tirades – he picks up Boot’s last words)

McKinley – Oh yes – Stenhousmuir. That’s where my father’s side of the family comes from, lived there for generations. I was just saying to Mrs Robertson the other day that I’m not surprised, we Robertson’s have a glorious lineage you know – antiquities are in our blood.

(Boots and Sheena are listening to McKinley rant on looking fed-up with the conversation. Kirsty is looking on transfixed and hanging on McKinley’s every word).

McKinley – I sometimes feel as if I’m being drawn back into the past. It’s as if one of my ancestors is standing somewhere in the mists of time pulling at a rope with me on the other end of it.

Boots (under his breath to Sheen) – Ah wish he’d pull a bit harder then.

(The conversation goes on a little more then Jimi enters with an amazing looking chair which looks like it might have come from the 1960’s, McKinley is interested to buy it as he sees it as a modern (pronounced modurn) collectible and worth money. There is a bit of chat between the two and eventually McKinley pays Jimi £200 for what is described as a Carlo Vincenti chair. Boots was starting to get interested in the chair but Jimi gave him a nod and a wink to show that it wasn’t quite what it seemed to be. McKinley is about to write a cheque).

McKinley – Who will I make it payable to?

Jimi – Jimi Hughes of course! (He peers at the cheque), it’s Jimi wi an “I” no a “y” – it’s got yin “m” an yin “I” (Jimi is getting agitated because he is proud of his name).

McKinley – Of course it’s Jimi with an “i” (he emphasises the “I” even more emphatically than Jimi) – in fact it’s Jimi with TWO “i” s – no, correction (he looks Jimi straight in the face) it’s FOUR  eyes to be precise!

(The dialogue between Jimi and McKinley goes on and the entire ensemble continue to wind each other up. Then Yoko appears, as everyone has been laughing at something at the time, they continue to laugh when Yoko enters).

Yoko - (looking perplexed) Whit is it? That’s it, Ah’m changin’ ma name, Ah’m sick of everyone laughin’ when they hear it.

(The Hughes’ leave Kinsman Antiques and Boots asks Jimi to explain about the chair).

Jimi – Well, it’s a legitimate bona-fide reproduction of a Carlo Vincenti chair a’right. Some firm doon in England is knockin’ them oot. They’ll be in the high street by next month – aboot fifty quid a go. Ah’v got half-a-dozen mair sittin’ in the back of ma van.

Boots – How much did they cost ye?

Jimi – Me? Nuthin’, they were knocked off! In fact Ah better away an get this cheque cashed before auld Robertson finds oot (he turns to Yoko) are ye comin’ Yoyo?   


(Jimi and Yoko have been to cash the cheque, now they are outside their house. Jimi’s van is sitting at the side of the road and Kinsman Antiques is in the background. Yoko is agitated and still going on about her name).

Yoko – It’s no funny. Ah’m tellin’ ye – Ah hate ma stupid name. Ah work in a call-centre! Ah get sick an tired of people crackin’ up laughin’ on the other end of the phone. The other day Ah had this right smart-alec on the line (she mimes the action of having a phone conversation, holding her hand up to her ear) Ah said “good afternoon Yoko speaking, how can I help you”?  (She says this in a posh voice) – and he said, “aye right hen an Ah’m Elvis Presley, it wis nice talkin’ tae ye” an put the phone doon.

Jimi - (half listening) Cool!

Yoko - (annoyed) Whit dae ye mean cool? Whit dae you ken anyway ye big 1970’s throwback that ye are? It’s alright fur you, at least your name sounds normal – even if your no. If ye lived in the real world ye’d ken a’ aboot it.

(Jimi is saved by the approach of Rex, he and Yoko try to get into their house before he sees them but Rex sees them and makes towards them. He notices that Yoko is not in the best of moods so tries to cheer her up. A conversation between them all takes place with the result that Jimi gets fed up at Rex’s silly remarks and tries to stir things up a bit. Rex is getting (he thinks) an Apple Mac computer for passing his exams and is trying to entice Yoko with the promise of letting her try it out).

Rex – Yes, that’s the computer for me – I like to be different, a bit of a trend-setter me. Think different eh? I like that! That’s what made me go for the Apple Mac in the first place, besides everyone I know has got one so they must be good (he’s sounding and acting like a younger version of McKinley).

Jimi – Oh aye, you must be like auld McKinley then eh? He’s a real trend-setter a’right – kens a lot aboot chairs your dad, knows a 1960’s original when he sees yin. That’s why Ah just sold um a fake for two-hundred quid!

(Rex looks worried and Yoko gives Jimi a kick).

Rex – What do you mean – a FAKE !!??

Jimi - (piling it on) Not only a fake but a fake that fell off the back of a lorry! (Jimi is chuckling to himself and enjoying winding up Rex).

Rex - (reverting from cool guy to goody-goody) Well I will have to tell him you know. I’m not having MY father getting into trouble with the police (he takes his mobile phone out of his pocket and, as if nothing has happened, shows it to Yoko) Look at this Yoko – state-of the art.

(Yoko tries to charm Rex and for a short time this is working. In the meantime Jimi’s mobile phone rings, he talks into it for a few seconds then makes a dash towards his van).

Yoko - (shouting after Jimi) Hey wait a minute – where are you goin’?

Jimi - (shouting back) Ah’m getting’ oot I’ toon wi these chairs, the cops are on tae them. Anyone tryin’ tae sell a chair like that roond here better look oot – Ah mean, they’re hardly inconspicuous are they? If anybody asks ye aboot them – deny everythin’ okay?

(Rex is beside himself and goes running towards Kinsman Antiques despite Yoko warning against shopping Jimi saying she might have to reconsider her opinion of Apple Mac computers. Nevertheless, Rex keeps going and Yoko is left alone looking perplexed).


(Boots and Sheena are standing behind their stall at a car-boot sale. Sheena is expressing her concern about Jimi doing dodgy business so near to home but Boots has no sympathy for McKinley – he thinks McKinley deserves all he gets. They discuss the situation in general about living next door to the Robertson family. Then the Wemyss family come into view).

Sheena – Talkin’ of families, here comes that weird Wemyss family. Look at the wee Wemyss’ (pronounced Weemsies) they’ve got a pram wi them to carry a’ their Beanie Babies in – they take it aboot wi them everywhere they go!

Boots - (thinking aloud) Aye – another family ready fur the funny farm if ye ask me.

Sheena - (quietly) Dinni be cheeky tae them Boots, they’re good customers, they always buy somethin’ off us.

Boots - (loudly) Ah’m no surprised – put wan i ma smelly socks doon on the table wi a tag on it sayin’ “Ah’m a limited edition, buy me” an they wid buy it off ye!

 (The Weymss family are getting within earshot and Sheena is trying to shut Boots up. They proceed to make small talk with Wilma and Angus Wemyss and the wee Weemsies show off their new buys by waving them around in the air. Boots is pretending to be interested in their collecting obsession but his remarks are rather tongue-in-cheek. Wilma finds something on the table and holds it out for her husband to see).

Angus – (looking at the wee dish) Very nice dear but it’s a lemur and we’ve already got seventeen lemurs.

Wilma – I know but this is a BLUE one (she emphasises the “blue” as if it’s really important).

Angus – (with an air which makes you think he has alphabetically arranged and colour-coded everything they own) Five blue.

Wilma - (persisting) But this is a different SHADE of blue and I don’t think we’ve got one with SEVEN rings round its tail – have we?

Angus - (giving in) Oh, Probably not. We better get it then. (he turns to Boots) - how much is it?

(At this point McKinley appears and starts acting smart as usual, chatting to the Weymss family and enquiring about the wee Weemsies collections. McKinley bends down and peers into their pram with a worried look on his face, then he gets up and pats the children sympathetically on their heads. He then has a conversation with the parents about Wemyss pottery pigs. He gets fed up with the conversation which is going nowhere and turns his attention towards Boots and Sheena).

Sheena – Whit brings ye tae this neck i the woods McKinley?

(McKinley declares that he wants them to pass a message on to Jimi. This worries Sheena especially as she thinks he’s found out about the chair, but McKinley is keeping them in suspense about what he wants them to tell Jimi)

Boots – (losing his patience) Tell um whit McKinley?

McKinley – Tell him that the chair he just sold me is where it now belongs.

(Sheena and Boots are looking even more worried)

Boots – Whit dae ye mean by that?

McKinley – Rex has got it in his bedroom. Oh yes, I’ve never seen a laddie so emotional – swooning he was. As soon as he saw that Carlo Vincenti chair he just fell in love with it. Mind you, he’s got good taste just like his father. He knows an heirloom when he sees one that boy, you know he sat down on that chair and he wouldn’t get up – sat there for three hours! Kirsty and I had to carry him – and the chair – into his bedroom. Kirsty pulled a muscle – that’s why I’m out – to get some embrocation to put on it!

Sheena - (with her fingers crossed) So Rex is keepin’ the chair in his bedroom fur good then McKinley?

McKinley – Oh yes, the boy was fair smitten with it so we gave it to him as an end of term present. He was after one of these Apple Mac computers you know, but …………………

(The scene cuts to Rex sitting on the chair in his bedroom looking glum and reading his Apple Mac leaflet).


(Rex is in his room, writing appears saying one week later. Suddenly the door opens and Jimi bursts in, Rex rushes to the Carlo Vincenti chair (fake) he sprawls across it so as it’s hardly visible. Rex tells Jimi off for giving him a fright, he also has a go at him for landing McKinley with a stolen chair and making him lose his Apple Mac computer. Jimi doesn’t care, he is only interested to find out if anyone has asked about the chair. Rex is not pleased and the conversation goes back and forth with Rex finally asking how Yoko is as he hasn’t see her all week).

Jimi – (oblivious to Rex’s complaints and hardly listening) Yoko? Aye she’s fine. So nobody’s been askin’ aboot the chair then?

Rex – (just giving up and sighing deeply) No, nobody’s been asking about the chair. Do you think Yoko might go to the Annual Antiques Traders dance with me next week?

Jimi - (spying a box of records) Ah don’t know, ye’ll need tae ask her yersel’. Whit kind of records huv ye got – Ah’m right in tae vinyl records (he’s sensing an opportunity to make money).

Rex - (completly disowning the records) Oh, these old things, they’re not mine – they belonged to my uncle Hector. He went abroad about twenty years ago apparently, my father thought it would be wise to hang on to them – he thought they might become modern collectibles.

Jimi - (trying to con Rex) Ah dinni ken aboot that, vinyl’s on the way oot, it’s just throwbacks like masel’ who bother aboot it. Whit kind of music wis yer uncle in tae?

Rex – I think he was what you called a punk back then (he smirks in a kind of embarrassed way). I think my father was a bit ashamed of him actually, we don’t mention him now – he left the country under a bit of suspicion I gather.

Jimi - (distracted because he has found something interesting in the box of records) Oh aye, is that right?

Rex – Yes my father had no time for him but he thought his record collection would be worth hanging on to – seemingly punk artefacts are quite sought after.

Jimi – Na, Ah think auld McKinley is gettin’ the wrong idea there Rex – punk’s deed!! Naebody wants punk memorabilia noo, the establishment suppressed it – an very successful they were tae. It’s only a small minority of people (shiftily aside) like oor Yoko, fur example, who wid give punk the time of day.

Rex -  What, Yoko likes punk?

Jimi – Oh aye, she luvs it!

(Jimi is cooking up a plan to get Rex to part with the box of records by trying to persuade him to take them to his house so Yoko can listen to them. Rex is not falling for it and decides to ask his parents to buy him a record player. The scene ends with Rex deciding to go and visit them in the antique shop to ask for a record player while Jimi follows on defeated looking back longingly at the box of records).


(McKinley, Kirsty, Boots and Sheena are in Kinsman Antiques)

McKinley – I saw that vagabond son of yours early this morning – come to think  of it I haven’t seen him for a while. He was looking mighty shifty I can tell you! He got out of that pile of assembled junk he calls a van at about six o’clock, had a good look round and then literally sprinted into the house.

Boots – That’s normal behaviour fur oor Jimi.

McKinley – What is the matter with that laddie? Why can’t he be more like our Rex? You wouldn’t catch our Rex behaving like that (he turns towards Kirsty looking smug) Kirsty and I have brought him up to be a law-abiding citizen (Kirsty nods emphatically).

Sheena - (getting annoyed) Whit are you implyin’ McKinley? Are you suggestin’ that oor Jimi is some kind of criminal?

McKinley – (under his breath at first) Well, if the cap fits Sheena (then louder) No, no Sheena – I’m just saying that Rex is more – well – normal.

Boots – That’s a matter of opinion.

McKinley – I mean your Jimi – what is he like? I’ve never seen such a walking jumble sale. It looks to me like he never puts a comb through that hair of his – and I get the feeling that the sound of running tap water s alien to his ears.

Sheena – (getting more annoyed) You better watch whit yer sayin’ McKinley – your getting’ a wee bit too personal fur ma likin’ (Kirsty is looking embarrassed).

Boots - (sensing a chance to get back at McKinley). Ah see yer point McKinley, oor Jimi might be a bit on the dishevelled side but ye can always dae somethin’ aboot yer appearance – it’s a different matter when you’ve got a screw loose like your Rex.

(Kirsty looks aghast and McKinley is starting to rise to Boot’s taunt)

McKinley – Well, I don’t think people with a screw loose – as you put it – are allowed in to university.

Boots – Ah beg tae differ McKinley, ma guess is that there’s a fair number of loony tunes prancin’ aboot in these so-called seats of learnin’ pretendin’ tae be totally sane.

McKinley – I’ve heard it all now! Do you hear that Kirsty? Now we’re being asked to believe that that nutter next door who looks like a reject Worsel Gummidge, drives about in a mobile skip and makes a living doing who knows what is of sound mind and our Rex, a picture of respectability, a well turned out university student no less – is a mental defective!! (Kirsty nods and shakes her head alternately then stops to think for a minute).

Kirsty – Our Rex has never left the house without a crease down the front of his trousers, even his jeans.

Sheena – (sarcastically) Ah’m sure that makes a’ the difference Kirsty. (Kirsty does not see the irony in Sheena’s remark and nods her head in affirmation).

(The discussion goes back and forth with each couple winding the other up about the respective shortcomings of Rex and Jimi. Then the topic turns to the Antiques Traders annual dance – McKinley just remembers that the act he has booked has let him down. Boots tells McKinley he might know someone who could stand in on the night but doesn’t say who, McKinley says that he is desperate and asks who Boots has got in mind. At that point Jimi and Rex enter the shop, Rex comes straight to the point asking for a new record player)

McKinley – Oh I don’t know Rex, I mean we’ve just bought you that lovely chair and it’s been a slow month (turning towards Boots and Sheena to keep up appearances) which is very unusual I have to say. Anyway, I have enough to worry me just now – The Tartan Twosome have let me down at the last minute so I don’t have any entertainment for the annual bash.

Jimi - (sensing an opportunity) A’ll dae it.

McKinley – (looking horrified) You!! I know I said I was desperate – but not that desperate!! (He turns to Boots) is this who you meant when you said you knew somebody? (McKinley’s whole body sinks with disappointment) Well, that’s that then.

Jimi - (insulted) Wait a minute – whit’s yer problem? Ah’ll have ye know the Instant Karma Mobile Disco is a classy outfit – with extremely competitive rates (he hands McKinley a leaflet and McKinley looks it over and nods his head in approval). Me an ma mate Harri are in demand – so it’ll be a question if we kin fit ye in – when is it anyway?

McKinley – Saturday.

Jimi – (without hesitation) That’s okay we kin dae that night (he pulls a ridiculous furry-covered notebook out and a novelty pen and starts scribbling in the notebook) Ah’ll make a note of it in ma appointments book.       

(McKinley is still reeling from the idea of booking Jimi’s disco but is in the mood for taunting Jimi so he starts to ask him about the name of his disco. A discussion follows about the meaning of karma and all the time McKinley is trying to score points and is acting smart. Jimi tries to tell McKinley about karma saying that it’s what happens to you in the afterlife. McKinley is acting deliberately provocative so Boots and Sheena attempt to help Jimi out by explaining to him what karma is).

Boots – Ah think whit Jimi is tryin’ tae say is that karma is whit happens tae ye in the next life.

Sheena - (continuing the explanation) Aye, it’s the belief that ye get back whit ye put in tae this life.

McKinley – (still on a high and wanting to get a dig at Jimi) Is that right!? ( He directs his next comment towards Jimi) Well, if that’s the case, I hope he’s not expecting much in the next life – because if he is he’s going to be sadly disappointed. When he reaches the gates of Heaven they’ll be waiting for him with a Giro and a van full of knocked-off gear!

Sheena - (still trying to defend Jimi, but on the verge of laughter) Well Ah dinni think it works like that McKinley – it’s mair spiritual than material. Fur instance – if ye dae somethin’ bad like kill an insect or somethin’.

McKinley – (not grasping the concept at all) Kill an insect? I would kill an insect alright! It’s these gigantic bluebottles I hate – I take the Hoover to them (Kirsty and Rex look dismayed).

Rex – Oh father you shouldn’t do that – if I see an insect in the house I catch it in a jar and set it free again outside.

McKinley – (mockingly) Well done son- your karma will be alright then (he turns to Kirsty) hear that Kirsty? We don’t have to worry about our Rex in the afterlife, isn’t it lucky that he’s got all that spare time to go chasing after bluebottles with a jar!!?

(The conversation continues with McKinley expressing his disbelief in Eastern religions and the subject tuns to reincarnation. McKinley declares that if there is such a thing he would come back as a lion – king of the beasts. The others are listening on in amusement while McKinley asks Kirsty what she would come back as).

McKinley – What would you be Kirsty? I know – a poodle, that’s what you would be Kirsty – a wee pet poodle with a bobble on the end of your tail.

(Boots wants to stir things up and asks McKinley what he thinks they would be and the debate goes on in the usual fashion with each throwing insults at the other).

McKinley – (directing his remark towards Jimi) And what about him? I hope he comes back as something a bit higher on the evolutionary ladder – what about a worm (pronounced wurm)?!!!

(It’s all starting to descend into chaos and Jimi is making towards McKinley with in a menacing way, Boots is trying to keep Jimi back and Sheena is getting fed-up).

Sheena – Dae ye want to ken whit Ah’m comin’ back as? (Everybody shakes their heads) Ah’m gonni come back as a gun an Ah’m gonni shoot the lot of ye so as Ah dinni huv tae listen ta eyer bickerin’ anymair, (she turns to Kirsty) except you Kirsty, Ah couldni bring masel tae shoot a wee poodle.

Kirsty – (smiling in appreciation) That’s awful good of you Sheena.

(They all decide to start being civil to one another and they continue to talk about the word karma. McKinley decides to change the subject by asking Jimi about his disco).

McKinley – (to Jimi) So son – what kind of music does the Instant Karma (he says this mockingly) mobile discotheque have to offer?

Jimi – (thinking on his feet) Oh, Aker Bilk, Roger Whittiker, Val Doonican – stuff like that

McKinley – (looking delighted and relieved) Okay – your booked.

Jimi – (sensing an opportunity) By the way – kin Ah borrow that box of records in Rex’s bedroom? There’s some guid Daniel O’Donnel and Val Doonican  records in it.

(Rex starts to look puzzled and is about to say something but Jimi shuts him up).

McKinley – (relieved enough to let Jimi do what he wants) Take what you like son – as long as Rex makes an inventory of every record in that box and we get every one of them back when you’re finished.

Jimi – (half listening) Oh aye, we’’ll dae that.

(The scene ends with Jimi persuading Rex to help run the disco but he has to dress up as a punk. Rex is not arguing because he believes that Yoko s a punk fan).


(There is a short section in this scene which features Yoko at work in the call centre. Rex phones up and asks her colleague Shona if he can speak to Yoko. She is annoyed because she is at work and when Rex asks her to go to the dance with him she is going to say no. That is until he tells her that Jimi’s pal Harri (Harrison McCartney) is going to be there. Yoko fancies Harri so she says that she will go with Rex just so she can get off with Harri). Then the scene shifts to the Antiques Traders dance, Boots and Sheena sense that Jimi is up to something. They finally get him to admit what he’s doing).

Jimi – (whispering) A’right Ah’ll tell ye, that lame-brain Rex has got a box of records wi a rare Sex Pistols single in it – an it’s signed an a’.

Sheena and Boots – (in unison) So?

Jimi – (as if stating the obvious) So, Ah’m gonni swap it wi a facsimilie so tae speak – get ma drift?

(At this point McKinley arrives and starts acting in his usual way but Boots and Sheena are not in the mood for his antics so they try to get rid of him so they can tackle Jimi about his scam. But it’s too late and it all goes ahead as planned by Jimi. He changes the records behind the record deck and Rex arrives with Yoko, Rex is dressed as a punk. Yoko soon abandons Rex to chat up Harri and McKinley has a fit about the way Rex is dressed. Boots is enjoying himself now and is winding up McKinley. Everyone turns to look at Rex (except Harri, Jimi and Yoko) Kirsty looks completely shocked and McKinley who has been laughing and enjoying himself has suddenly got a face like thunder).

Kirsty – What have you done to yourself Rex? Where’s your kilt?? ( This is ironic because Rex does have a kilt on but it can’t be seen too clearly because of all the other punk ensemble he is wearing with it).

McKinley – (looking over towards Jimi) Done to himself?!! I get the feeling it’s more a case of who did this to you son (he’s getting annoyed). What are you thinking about turning up to a respectable function like this dressed as a social outcast? (This is even more dismaying to McKinley since he was boasting earlier that he would be introducing Rex to some important people in the “wurld” of antiques). It’s like that anarchist brother of mine has come back to haunt me (he gives Rex a push) you better go and hide yourself – and fast! ( he starts pushing Rex towards the door. Boots is taking the opportunity to wind McKinley up again, earlier they had been talking about how Rex’s name sounded like the name of a pet dog (or dug) in response to McKinley have a jibe at Jimi’s name. Boots seizes his chance.

Boots – Ah’ve seen it a’ noo ( he laughs and turns to Sheena). Ah telt ye he wis named after a dug – an now he’s got the collar tae prove it!! (He whistles and beckons Rex over) Here boy! (He pretends to throw a stick) Fetch!!!!

(McKinley lets go of Rex to chastise Boots and Sheena who are in fits of laughter)

McKinley – This is no laughing matter Jim. I should have known better than to let you lot come – I should have known it would end in disaster.

Rex - (turning to Yoko) At least you like the way I’m dressed Yoko – and that’s all that matters to me (he moves closer to her – but too close for comfort as far as Yoko is concerned).

Yoko – (angrily at first) Get off Rex (then she suddenly sees the funny side) Ah mean down boy (she then makes her move on Harri) Ye want tae dance Harri?

Harri – Sure thing Yoko – cool name that incidentally.

Yoko – (getting closer to Harri) Ak ken – Ah luv ma name.

Rex - (looking puzzled) But I thought??? ………………………………………..

(Jimi wants to get the party started now that he’s achieved what he set out to do, so …………… )

Jimi – Okay everybody – enough of that (he takes Strangers on the Shore, which has been playing quietly in the background, off with a loud scratching noise . Most doo’s huv God Save the Queen playin’ at the end – no this one (he puts the Sex Pistols record on at full volume).

(Everyone starts to dance. McKinley and Kirsty look a bit shocked at first but soon start to enjoy themselves  and even they start to dance in a kind of square, prim way. Boots and Sheena are doing a kind hippie-style dance waving their arms about and Yoko and Harri are doing a smoochy waltz. Rex is still looking confused but he goes over to Jimi and they start dancing too. Then the Wemyss family appear, Wilma Wemyss has got on a long kilt with about a hundred different kilt pins on it and the wee Weemsies are carrying some beanie babies which they are waving wildly in the air. Eventually, everyone in the whole place is dancing to God Save the Queen, Rex leaves Jimi and goes over to his parents and starts dancing with them. McKinley and Kirsty look as if they don’t mind his outfit anymore – Kirsty ruffles his Mohican affectionately.

                                                                               THE END  

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