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Shelley Haigh studied Fine Art  at Manchester School of Art, she graduated in 1999 at the age of 22. Her beautiful watercolour paintings are filled with light, they evoke a tranquillity which is enhanced by her choice of subject. She often portrays her children which creates an intimate rapport, this transmits well to the viewer. Her choice of almost nostalgic, atmospheric buildings promote a sense of calm.

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My work is oriented towards spirituality, the enigmatic, the mysterious and a ghostly dimension composes it. I am inspired by first art (also called primitive art...even if it is nothing primitive!). I had the chance to discover this type of artistic production in a gallery in Albi (France). I invite you to imagine what my strange characters represent...but especially to question yourself about my can see what you want. One thing is certain, for me these almost extraterrestrial figures are like true deities (and no matter what one puts behind this word;)

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