Edgardo Gastini  is an Italian artist from Turin. He started painting in the 1960's and since then his work has evolved to create a multi-textural world (see Edgardo describe his art in his own words in BULB Magazine #1).

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Shelley Haigh studied Fine Art  at Manchester School of Art, she graduated in 1999 at the age of 22. Her beautiful watercolour paintings evoke a tranquillity which is enhanced by her choice of subject. She often portrays her children which creates an intimate rapport, this transmits well to the viewer.

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Matis Leggiadro is an Art History student from France.

My work is oriented towards spirituality, the enigmatic, the mysterious and a ghostly dimension composes it. I am inspired by first art (also called primitive art...even if it is nothing primitive!). I had the chance to discover this type of artistic production in a gallery in Albi (France). I invite you to question yourself about my can see what you want. One thing is certain, for me these almost extra-terrestrial figures are like true deities (and no matter what one puts behind this word;)



The artwork by Cathy Bell shown here is representative of her eclectic style, featuring painting, mixed media and collage. Cathy is an art historian and co-creator of this website.

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