Founded by Gordon and Cathy, mylastboard contains articles, views, comments, photographs and lots more on the subjects of art and science. 

I am Cathy Bell an art historian, artist, writer and freelance curator. In this space I would like to share various ideas about art and culture incorporating such items as published and unpublished articles/reviews, personal views and artwork.

I am Gordon and my  interests are mainly in science, mathematics and engineering.  Why mylastboard? The image you see above is a copy of the contents, after 23 years of teaching,  of my last board. The subject was thermofluids.

We hope to provide some interesting and though-provoking content.

We are pleased to say that BULB Magazine # 1 is now in printed format and have been distributed in Edinburgh, West Lothian and Mid Lothian. The magazine, which is free, contains original writing and artwork on the subjects of art, culture and science. (Issue #1 is available to view here in BULB archive). We are now in the process of developing issue # 2 for release in October. 


OUT NOW - BULB Magazine Issue # 1 Summer 2021

Bulb mag front cover.jpg

If you want to comment on any of our content our simply get in touch please use the email address below.